Services to Best Serve Your Needs

Personal Assistant

Travel arrangements and itinerary

Order weekly/monthly supplies; delivered to your door

Online shopping; birthday, special occasion; client or family

Order prints, gather quote's, securely & discreetly

Pod cast or YouTube transcription

Data Entry

Calendar Management

Schedule business meetings & personal appointments

Manage your daily online calendar

Place confirmation calls or reschedule appointments

Notify you of any changes made

Email Management

Manage email list

Setup automated emails

Create newsletters

Create & distribute your email campaigns using your content

Manage your email information; handling any inquiries on your behalf; forward any inquires that need your attention

Categorize emails into folders

Design & upload your automated signatures

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Now that you’ve seen the things I have to offer your business. I’d like to talk about how HUGE this is!

This gives you an easy way out of all the time consuming things.

Some many things go in to running the back end of a business. You have your customer service, ops management, and systems management. If you are spending your time on these components of your business you have no time for the important things.

Am I right?

Personal Assistant

I will help you balance and optimize your personal and business life. Delectating all the small tasks, while you work on growing your business.

By now you are probably wondering how a personal or virtual assistant is any different then Siri or Google Assistance. I’ll tell you a little why this is.

While these two tools can research, schedule, and take notes. A personal or virtual assistant can. 1.Go deeper into researching, contacting the company, or testing products. 2.We will make sure that all your meetings and projects are not only scheduled, bit that they are not doubled booked. Giving you time to take 5 without messing your whole day up. 3.We all know that talk to text can sometimes get you words wrong. Making you go back and edit any miss spelled words and check grammar.